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New family coming to Jordan (Amman)

Good day to all!
I will be moving soon to Jordan (end of August-beginning of September) and precisely to Amman. We are 4 in our family: 2 kids (6 and 2)my wide and I. My older daughter is already enrolled at the International Community School in Amman and I will have to commute every day to the Dead Sea area where I will be working.
Can anyone help us with the following questions?
1. What area we should look at for living? Would prefer something close to both work and school
2. What would be the average rental fee for a 3 bedroom apartment, fully furnished (western standards)?
3. Is it true that it is not advisable to drive because of the risk you run if you have an accident with a local who then gets injured? (I heard you will face prison until the local is released from the hospital)
4. What is needed to get a driving license? Is the European one valid?
5. How long it takes from Amman to the Dead Sea area by car? Weekdays and week ends.

Thanks a lot in advance for your precious advices!

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