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Nice villas with bizzare interiors! Advice needed. (Amman)


Please, help me understand!

My husband and I have spent the past two days looking at villas and apartments in Abdoun.

We liked many buildings from the outside, but didn’t see any places with clean modern European interiors. Do those even exist in Amman? Has anyone seen them when house hunting?

Also, why do they outfit their expensive houses with plastic-looking toilets and tubs in weird colors and cheap appliances? Is it because they don’t intend to live here themselves and they know that a lot of foreigners will rent those types of places anyway? Why do expats rent them?

I have Viking appliances and marble counter tops in the kitchen back home, because to me, the kitchen is the heart of the house where we spend a lot of time. I cannot imagine living for five years with a cheap tacky kitchen, especially given the fact that I’d be paying about $50,000 per year for the place. I'd be burning inside and feel ripped off!

Am I missing something? Should I be looking elsewhere? Can someone please advise?

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