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Photographic Exhibition - MAMNOO3 (Forbidden) (Amman)

A new exhibition of photographic works by Iraqi artist Sina Ata opens 6pm on 18 September at Jacaranda Images.

Sina Ata’s photographs of the word ‘Mamnoo3’, taken in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Ramallah and Cairo, are images seen outside of their original context. While the word itself dictates to the viewer, once removed from its original context the interpretation takes on a broader meaning, one the artist sees as indicative of current times.
“The idea behind the collection is to capture the mindset of the Arab street through street signs. The one that is most prominent is the one that tells you what you cannot do, taken symbolically it reflects years of oppression, fear and the punishment that awaits you if you don’t obey.
The word Forbidden is quite popular, forbidding us to park here, cross there or smoke anywhere. Taken out of context it takes a life of its own making the messages both political and social.
The signs I chose to take pictures of were mostly hand written and not printed, I felt it had more power when there was a human element woven into the word. “

Located on Omar Bin Khattab Street, off Rainbow Street, 1st Circle. Just past Books@Cafe. tel Protected content

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