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Photowalking event this Weekend? (Amman)

I've been thinking about doing some type of photowalking group with expats ever since I came here. Not sure how many are interested so I am throwing some feelers out there. Lets lock down some details here and I will put up an event on Internations. I want to plan the event for this Friday or Saturday.

Basically photowalking is just a group of people walking together and taking shots. Usually there is a professional as a main teacher helping people learn how to take great shots, but the group itself turns into everyone helping each other. It's always interesting to walk the same path with someone and see completely different things to photograph. There is a metaphor in there some where.

If you are interested in learning more about photowalking, this is a good Photowalking Protected content blog post. Protected content

One thing to keep in mind, you don't need a big dslr professional looking camera to come along. I have some great shots from my regular point-and-shoot camera (let's not mention the bad ones). Most of the tips everyone will be talking about will apply to both point-and-shoot and dslr cameras (framing, lighting, angles, etc).

I am no professional, but if we have enough people who know a bit, we can all help each other. Not sure where to go for this. For those that have been here, any idea of places we could go to?

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