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Possible 2 day weekend scuba trip to Aqaba? (Amman)

I would be interested in helping to organize a 2 day excursion to Aqaba for experienced scuba divers. As I am new to Amman and have never ventured south of the city, I would like to find out more if this is possible in two days. My idea would be to depart for Aqaba early morning from Safeways some Friday, do a two tank dive, relax, swim and then camp in the desert for one night, do another two tank dive, depart early afternoon Saturday and return before 6pm in Amman. I am interested in some refresher scuba training in a pool in Amman a week prior. I don't know the best weekend for this?

Personally I don't feel comfortable doing deep dives past 30 or 40ft. I like to take my time descending. I would want to hire a boat and dive master to ensure our safety. If interested in this trip please share your ideas if a two day trip makes sense and what the costs might be, logistics etc. Thanks.

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