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Possible long term move to Amman - Questions

I am seeking some help from the members here.
A quick background - I am an Indian citizen lining in Indian and am in discussion with a company in Amman for a job there. The position is in a senior leadership role. The interview process is moving forward at a fast pace and I thought this would be the right time to seek some clarifications here.

1 - Rental and where to stay?
The office is near Kilo Circle. What would be the best areas to stay that are expat neighborhoods and what is the price range of rentals in those area.I would prefer a place close to my office.

2 - Can you tell me what is the procedure to secure the work permit for Jordan?
Can that be initiated while I am still at India?

3 - What is a good salary range for an expat?
I do not have an exact number from the employer yet but what is considered a above par salary for senior roles?

4 - Is it common for expats to have their rental paid for by the employer? Can I ask the employer for that?

5 - How easy is it to open a bank account in Amman for an expat?

6 - I would be moving sometime in October or early Nov. My wife will be joining me after a couple of months. Would her paperwork for the move be straightforward? Also, can she work in Amman?

I will really appreciate any pointers on these questions and would make sure that I drop a hello to you when I am in Amman.


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