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raising funds for The Brooke (Amman)


Hi everyone,

In February Protected content am participating in the "Indian Horse Riding Challenge". It is a 10-day horse ride through Rajestan in India to raise funds for the Brooke Hospital for Animals. Brooke is an international animal welfare organization committed to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and their owners in third world countries.

Through free veterinary care Brooke helps half a million horses and donkeys in the world poorest communities. Even though these equine animals provide an income for these people and their families, many of these animal's owners are so busy surviving themselves and making sure there is food and water for their families, that the horses and donkeys are the last ones to be thought of.

Brook's aim is to work in partnership with local people to ensure that working horses, donkeys, mules and their owners live a better life. Besides running clinics, Brooke also cooperates with local animal protection organizations, educates local vets and shares good practices and solutions with them.

Every participant of the Indian Horse Riding Challenge has agreed to collect money for Brooke Hospital for Animals. My question is if you could help me raise money by spreading the word among your friends and family.

Everyone who would like to donate (no matter how small the amount, as every little bit helps), can visit my page on: < Protected content and make a donation by credit card or paypal.

Every day when I look at my horses they bring a smile to my face. They are well looked after because I have the means to do so. Many horse owners in the world do not have the tools that we have nor the access to the wealth of information that we can find on the internet, through vets and experts. Brooke helps to create a better future for these animals and their owners. Please help me to help them.

I would be grateful for your support.

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