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Rescue dog needs home (Amman)

Chance is a medium sized Jordanian dog who is two years old. For the first year off her life she was tired to a tree and left to starve. She was beaten and teased by children. After being rescued she was placed in a shelter where she again was abused.
She is currently living with me, purely fostering. But I leave Jordan in June and she has nowhere to go. I can't take her with me because I am going to Kazakhstan and not the uk. She is slowly realising and that not all human will beat the shit out of her and has made great progress. She is by no means recovered. She is still timid and scared of strangers. But she is happier and demonstrates that she is on the mend.
Her picture is my profile picture.
If anyone could foster or even adopt this poor dog it would be appreciated by me , the humane centre but more importantly by her. She is v friendly once she gets to know you and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body....

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