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Salary range for business development managers (Amman)

Hi All,

I'm coming to Jordan in August for a one month trial before my family and I decide to move over or not.

One of things I would like to find out more about whilst I am there is the salary range I should expect to pay for a business development/account manager.

The candidate would need to have *excellent* command of the English language, several years of sales experience and be web-savy (as all work would be online).

Work required of the candidate would include:

Prospect Generation
* Identifying target sectors
* Evaluating sectors and prospects according to lucrativeness
* Assist copywriters in creating marketing collateral on a sector-by-sector basis
* Identifying prospective customers
* Developing and maintain prospect databases
* Reaching out to prospective customers
* Assisting marketing partners with the development of testimonials & case studies

Lead Nurturing & Conversion
* Responding to sales inquiries
* Advising prospective customers
* Identifying ways of improving conversion rates (e.g. improvements to customer service, resources, work-flows etc.)
* Negotiating prices with prospective customers
* Providing quotations
* Following up on quotations

Customer Retention
* Monitoring customer usage
* Convincing ex-customers to come back to us
* Ensuring that existing customers are satisfied
* Identifying ways of improving the customer experience
* Increasing usage amongst existing customers through education

So, how much should I expect to pay for such a hire?

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