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Dear ALL,

Right Between the shores of the Red Sea and the monuments of Petra are the breathtaking rock formations of Wadi Rum.
Starting this June, for 3 weeks, Skydive Dubai in collaboration with the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan will be jumping at the base of the majestic
Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
Come join Skydive dubai, and its turbine lift-power,
for the first Skydive Jordan Summer Boogie.
An amazing event just miles from one of the wonders of
the world and from the scuba- paradise of Aqaba.

Skydiving and Tandem jumps will be professionally done in Wadi Rum starting from June 8 till june the 30th , using the best aircrafts and equipment along with advanced instructors, Jordan is partnering up with SkyDive DUBAI to bring this amazing sport back to life in Jordan.

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