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The Art of Fencing - show exclusive for IN members (Amman)

The local Fencing Club is going to present us the Art of Fencing and will introduce us with this fierce sport!

Fencing combines both - health and fitness, it can be played by men and women and has no restriction of age. So everybody can fence! Fencing is already a sport associated with intellectualism, often called “physical chess” by coaches, fencers, and fans. Participation in this sport requires fitness and concentration, a powerhouse duo when it comes to increasing brainpower!

The evening will be especially made for us with a performance of the local champions, followed by an introduction of fencing and the possibility to join a private lesson.

Date: first week of April (Details will follow asap when enough are interested)
Time: 7:00 pm
Free entry

Please tell me if you are interested!

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