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Trips in June (Amman)

Just enough time to squeeze in 2 trips before the start of Ramadan.

Sela, the Edomite stronghold, on June 5:
On June 5 we will have a day trip to Sela. Located just 3 miles north of the Edomite capital of Bozrah (modern Buseirah) in the rugged highlands of southern Jordan is an imposing natural rock fortress that still carries the name es-Sela. Surrounded on all sides by deep ravines, the towering, steep-sided rock of es-Sela rises more than Protected content above the surrounding valleys, culminating in a broad, flat summit that can only be reached by an ancient, well-hidden staircase that follows a narrow cleft in the eastern face of the mountain. Though es-Sela has not been excavated, surface finds from the summit indicate it was occupied during several periods (including the Early Bronze Age and Nabatean period), but saw its most extensive occupation and use during the early to mid-first millennium B.C.E., the time of the Biblical Edomites. If you find any bones you might have found one of the Protected content , throw of the rocks by King Amaziah of Judah (c. 801–783 B.C.E.).
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Cost for this trip (for which you do NOT need a 4x4): JD15, inclusive of lunch. You will need to bring your own drinks/water.

Badia Exploration, weekend trip on June 19, 20 and 21:
This trip will take us east, past Azraq, into the basalt desert. I’m trying to arrange a visit to the Jebel Qurma Project ( Protected content ). This Dutch team is working on ancient rock art for years.
We will continue to Maitland’s Mesa, a unique plateau with plenty of old structures to explore. Dinner and overnight in the desert far away from everything and everyone. The second day will take us past the Holy Bahira Tree ( Protected content ) and end at Qasr Burqu. The Romans built this small fort to protect a seasonal lake that provided precious water in a highly arid region. They helped conserve the water (run-off from the Haurun-Druze Plateau) by building a dam in the 3rd century, thereby securing water for caravans heading between Syria and Arabia. The fort became a monastery during the Byzantine period, and was later restored by the Umayyads in about AD 700. Dinner and overnight in the desert and return to Amman on the 21st. Depending on time we will stop at various desert castles on the way back.
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• if you are not able to join us on the 21 you have the option to return to Amman on the 20st
• this trip is not suitable for small children
• your car needs to be in excellent condition. Double check spare tire and jack!

Cost for this trip (for which you need a 4x4): JD50 for the full trip, JD25 for 2 days/1 night. This is inclusive of dinner on the first night.

Send me an email if you are interested and I will keep you posted about departure time and other details.

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