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Two 4 months old rescue kittens for adoption (Amman)

I am a foster family for the Humane Center for Animal Shelter of Amman. In this capacity, I have saved and fostered 2 kittens who are now very healthy and 4 months old: they now are looking for a good forever family.

They are both used to being cuddled a lot and have been around young kids as well.

Karmoosh escaped death ! We managed to save him and he is now a very healthy tabby male, very playful, who will make you laugh. He is very dynamic and very cuddly. A bit shy at first, he will then jump on your lap and show you his belly for a nice rub... Karmoosh ( means pretty much "cute and cuddly" nin Arabic) knows his name!

CremeBrulee is a tortoise female. She is very very cuddly and adorable. She feels like she has to answer in a low voice every time you talk to her...

I have several pics of the two. If you are serious about adopting, Please send me your personal email address and I will send you pics ( I don't always have enough credit to send emails on the website).

The adoption fee the shelter asks for Protected content covers all vaccinations and of course, neutering.

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