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two VERY useful websites on living in Amman

When I came to Amman in Protected content found settling-in here quite a challenge: where to live, what are acceptable rental prices, what if you need a doctor, where to go for buying all kind of practical stuff, what are nice places to shop, eat, drink or where to find information on art and cultural activities. In other words how to get around and get to know the city a bit. If I look back on my first three months here, a feeling of being totally lost is the best way to describe it. Probably (hugely) underestimating the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Jordan, did not really help.

A great deal of this whole experience is of course inevitable and also greatly differs from person to person. But if there was one thing I really missed (especially during my first months), it was a RELALIBLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Now almost two year later, I have finally found it. For anyone who is new in Amman and even for the ones already been here for a while,(again) I can highly recommend these two websites:

Protected content

Protected content

The website “” offers lots of practical information on living in Jordan (housing, medical care, schools, culture, visa etc.) but also things as “grocery shopping from Jabal Amman to Abdoun”, “Jordan’s top ten restaurants” and “importing your car, find out about custom duty, taxes and much more” can be found on this webpage.

The website “” is great place to find information like: “café culture”, “dynamite dessert” or “Friday brunch”. The places to go out in Amman (café’s, restaurants, lounge bar, night clubs) or places to shop from cupcakes or chocolate to men’s/women’s fashion, woman’s shoes, books, furniture, crafts-arts, motorcycles etc. are all collected here. It is also VERY useful that not only the names of the venues are listed but also their address, location in town and phone number.

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