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US Citizens - Income Taxes are Forever (Amman)

If you are a US Citizen you are required to file a US Federal Income Tax Return every year even if your income is earned outside of the USA.

If you have questions about your US Income Taxes, I would be glad to assist you. I am licensed to prepare both personal and business US Income Tax Reports, and have an international client base – including a woman who did not know she was supposed to file income tax reports for the decades that she lived and worked in the Middle East. Ooops!

Did you know that a foreign national married to a US Citizen (and their children of foreign nationality) may be qualified for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) and thus be claimed as dependents on the US Citizen’s tax return? I also am a Certified Acceptance Agent and able to assist you in obtaining the ITIN from the US Internal Revenue Service.

Let me help you with your general US Tax Issues and Questions right here in this Forum, or for more personal confidential questions you may e-mail me directly at: consultant at sandpointsage dot com

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