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useful information for anyone that eats glutenfree (Amman)

If you are on a gluten free diet or if you have any other food allergy/intolerance like soy, diary or egg, Cosmo Supermarket is the best place to go!!! I went there today and I really was impressed by their diet section. Not "diet" as in losing weight, but "diet" as for food intolerances or allergies. I counted at least 5(!!!) different gluten free breakfast cereals (these you find in between the normal breakfast cereals) and where not even that expensive.

Other things like bread mix, cake mix, cookies, pasta, egg replacer, gravy mix, soy milk, rice milk even from different branches it's all available there. They sell a wide range of products of the Australian brand Orgran which is free of a lot of common allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, eggs.

Most of the stuff is not cheap, to be honest it's expensive. But who cares, it's already great so much of gluten free stuff is available here. For sure it’s my favourite supermarket here.
Also this link useful if you are looking for gluten free survival information in Amman:

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