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Welcome our New Ambassador (Amman)

Dear Amman Memebers,

You will probably get a msg soon from our HQ, however, I wanted to beat them to it and ask you all to welcome Jane Sitarz, our new Ambassador for Amman. Many of you have recommended Jane and love her lively spirit and how friendly she is to everyone.

Jane and I will work together to continue to develop our Amman Community. Our main goal is to help our EXISTING members enjoy our events to the full. We will also work on bringing new expats to our community so that we can achieve a continuous sustainable growth.

Please make Jane feel welcome by sending her welcoming msgs. Please also that both Jane and I will be Co-Ambassadors and you can now direct any questions you may have to either of us and not me alone.

Jane is going to organize our April IN event which is likely to be in Trader Vic's. She will let you know about details in due time.


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