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A heart warming campaign for Rwanda's children (Amsterdam)

What happens if a country closes all of its orphanages?
The government of Rwanda is closing all the orphanages. Children are being sent to live with remaining family or are adopted, often by poor families. For many children, there is not enough money to send them to school.
Photographer Anaïs López, filmmaker Anisleidy Martínez and writer Paulien Bakker went to the L’Esperance Children’s Village, located on the edge of Lake Kivu, in November of Protected content give a course in photography. The orphanage is located on the edge of Lake Kivu which borders Congo. There is no electricity, no tap water, and there are no mirrors. Through the camera lens the children learned to look at themselves and their world differently. They photographed their friends, brothers and sisters – just before they were separated and in many cases sent to live miles away from each other. Their pictures and stories were moving, sometimes heartbreaking, and the idea was formed to create a notebook with the photos for them to hold onto their memories.
Anaïs, Anisleidy and Paulien were impressed with how much the children wanted to go to school - because they realize that it is the only way for them to escape poverty. They decided to help. Join them. Donate money or buy the photo notebook with pictures of the children and enough white pages for your own imagination. The photo notebook “In my dreams I want to become a tourist” costs € 20, -. 75% of the proceeds will go directly to the school fees of the children as they continue to be followed. (through the foundation founded by Paulien in Protected content the Victor Monroy Trust).

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Only by sharing this message within your contacts you are already helping a lot! :)

As ambassador of the project I thank you in the name of Paulien, Anais and Anisleidy!!!

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