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A question regarding registiration for foreigners (Amsterdam)

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding the registration, and I would really appreciate your help, since my potential landlord asked me about it.

I have found a flat, to which one person is already registered. Its a studio apartment. As far as I know, there is no problem that more than one person gets registered to the same apartment. (It is true, right?) The person I am renting the house from is not taking his registration away from the house because of some reasons regarding the mortgage he is paying, so if I rent the place there will be 2 persons subscribed to the flat.

But since my renter has never rented his house to a foreigner before, he just wanted to know if there is any procedure for foreign people such as house visits by government supervisors etc. Because if there is a procedure like this, on the paper 2 persons will be subscribed to the flat, but I will be the only one living in it. I never heard about such a procedure before, and I don't think that it will be a problem, but if you guys could enlighten me about the situation I will be sure and certain and can speak to me (hopefully) future landlord.

Thanks in advance :)

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