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Advice for an American seeking work in the NL (Amsterdam)

Hello, InterNations! My name is Charles, I am from the US, and I am looking for career opportunities in the Netherlands. I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Amsterdam in the summer of Protected content backpacking around Europe, and now that I have graduated university with a BSc in Business Administration, I am very eager to move forward in expanding my cultural perspective my living and working abroad.

I have been scouring the job boards and forums for several months and applying for positions, but the fact that I currently live in the US, and my lack a work/ residence permit, has kept me from receiving a job offer. I am an intelligent and highly motivated person, I am very enthusiastic about learning new things in general, and I feel that I would be a very valuable employee for an organization that is willing to sponsor a work permit for me.

I have two strong passions in my professional life: writing, and working with numbers. I have an analytical personality and love math, making Excel spreadsheets, etc., and I am proficient with a number of computer programs such as MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, et al. that are also relevant to my writing/ communication skills. With a business degree with a focus on Logistics & Marketing, I have a diverse skill set that I feel would qualify me for a range of entry level positions. The primary job types I have been pursuing so far include technical writing, copywriting, editing, documenting, and proofreading, and I would even be happy to start in a customer service position if it led to a work permit.

With that in mind, I would love to hear any advice or suggestions you may have regarding an American recent-graduate who is very enthusiatic about immigrating to the Netherlands.

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