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Australian wanting to move to NL for girl. (Amsterdam)


Hello there everyone, I've just joined so I might as well stand up and wave.


And now onto why I've joined. I am an Australian currently in the UK on a 2 year working holiday visa, and the visa will expire in 6 months. I've met a Dutch woman who will be visiting me once again for Christmas and New Years, and with any luck, she'll enjoy her present, that being a ring.
Now, we've been doing this long distance for a while, but we're both quite tired of the distance and as such want to move in together. We've both been looking around the IND website but keep coming onto the same issue. We can breeze through all of the requirements for us to live together in NL except for one, the Protected content a month one.
Now, I have two jobs in the UK, but that doesn't seem to matter to the IND, they only care if she has a job, which she doesn't as she's currently a student (and if anyone's curious, I'm 25, she's 23 if this makes any difference).
For the life of me though, I can't find any information regarding students doing this sort of thing, so we're pretty much stuck wondering at this point.
I have no issue going to get another working holiday visa, but seeing as her studies will take a few years, I'd hate the idea of say, moving in with her for a year and voila, I'm off to another country/hemisphere due to legalities.
Does anyone have any suggestions or know the laws a bit better? I was apparently born a Dutch national, but my father naturalized Australian when I was 9, so apparently I lost that right.
Her parents seem desperate to have me over there to be with her too and so far the only suggestion we've heard is something along the lines of sponsorship, but apparently you can't work doing that and I cannot feed off someone else like that.

Sincerely hope there is another way out there. In any case, thanks in advance, and it's nice to be here.

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