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Creating a company by an Algerian (Amsterdam)

Hello everyone,

I am a 29-year Algerian and live today in Paris. I am in France since Protected content I followed studies in IT & Management.

I have created my own company last year and work as a freelance IT consultant.

I have an opportunity to work in Amsterdam for a French bank and I am aiming to come in Amsterdam in a couple of months.

The Dutch embassy in Paris seems to be very busy, I won’t have a meeting until May. They did not really answer my questions by email.

I hope I am going to find these answers here.

I am a bit lost and do not know how I should immigrate. What I would like, is to create a new company in the Netherlands and continue as a freelance (I really enjoy being independent), but I do not know how long it would take the administration to give me a permit for that. Do I have to ask for it in the embassy and create the company from France or should I come to Amsterdam first.

Are there any Algerians here who lived in France first before going to the Netherlands ? What steps did you follow for immigrating ?

If my presentation or my questions are not clear enough, please feel free to ask me to make clearer.

Thank you very much for you attention and for building this community.