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Dutch American Treaty or unmarried partner? (Amsterdam)


I'll cut to the chase: I am moving to the Netherlands next year, and am willing to start my company in NL to comply with the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. However, I also have a Dutch love of several years willing to sponsor me to the Netherlands on an unmarried partner visa. My question is this: which of these routes would be less expensive and faster to get permanent residence in NL with?

A bit of background: I am 24, American (from Orlando, FL), in Korea currently, but plan on moving to the Netherlands in the next year. I am intermediate with Dutch (B1). I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

The type of company I intend to start would be one where I have max three employees (myself included and the others being close friends). I would love to hear any feedback you guys have on starting this kind of company in the US vs. the Netherlands.

What do you guys think? Is the US, or the Netherlands, or etc. a better place for this, and with which visa could I get permanent residence faster? Thanks for any help on navigating this topic!

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