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On my birthday-May 14, I have received a cut flower bouquet from my daughter in Zurich.Later that evening when we`re Skyping she asked me to show it to her what I got.
She was surprised, because she ordered extras BDay Balloon and Champagne with it.
She emailed Euroflorist immediately, and asking why and where the presents were.
Euroflorist have never replied to her until now. I took immediate action and called them.
Apparantly they forgot the others, and sent the rests on next day which were a BDBallon and a bottle of Spanish white wine. I sent the picture to my daughter, again we were astonished. She has paid very dearly for a bottle of a real French Champagne and Euroflorist have delivered me a FAKE and cheap EUR5.-bottle Spanish white wine, which Euroflorist claimed as a CHAMPAGNE. So, they cashed my BD present of EUR40.- and passed on to me a EUR5.-when I introgated Euroflorist about this, they would give me a TOKEN of EUR10.- to compensate! A Token EUR10.- as a compensation??? In which planet do Euroflorist live in? I am still
so betrayed and disappointed with the Dutch Euroflorist scamming their customers. What if the deliveries not being checked? No ones would know about it.
I believe this kind of experience I need to share with all of you, as this no longer a matter of money involved but INTEGRITY and REALIBILITY, and being scammed with your BIRTHDAY Presents!
Just beware of Euroflorist NL!

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