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Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Netherlands (Amsterdam)

I am a techie and a 2-time entrepreneur. In one of my start-ups, I created a cloud computing platform for providing proof of presence as a service to small and medium businesses. In the other, I built a brand retailing premium handbags and fashion accessories.

Currently I am working as a Product Manager for a Silicon Valley startup which is gradually disrupting the restaurant POS space.

I am planning on moving to Netherlands (so that I can be close to my girl friend), at least for a year or so. During this time however, I would still want to remain in touch with the world of start-ups. I would be interested in working as a Product Manager for a tech start-up in the region. Alternatively, I would also be interested in working as a product mentor/ consultant for start-ups in the region and share my knowledge and experience to help them create amazing products.

I would love to connect with entrepreneurs and people working in tech start-ups in the country.

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