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Getting Work Permission (Amsterdam)

Hi All,

I'm from the U.S. and living in Amsterdam while working in Rotterdam teaching English.

I have gotten a job in Rotterdam but my company will not sponsor me to be an official "employee" for them, however, they want me to work under freelancer classifications.

I'm fine with working under freelancer classification, but I spoke with the IND office over the phone and they would not even let me set an appointment to apply for work permission as a freelancer.

They said that as an American I can get an entrepreneur work permit if I have 4,500 euros and a business bank account (which I don't.)

Or I can apply as a regular freelancer/entrepreneur but I have to provide a business plan proving that what I do will "contribute to the Dutch economy."

They said that teaching English, nor digital marketing (my other profession) qualifies as contributing to the dutch economy.

I don't know what else to do. I'm living in Amsterdam because my girlfriend is getting her Master's degree here, and the English teaching job is the only one I have found. I am trying to work legally and be taxed properly and what not, but I don't see any option that I have.

My employer will not employ me illegally long term.

Thank you for the help!

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