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HELP: Landlord refusing to return deposit (Amsterdam)

Hi Internations community,

I want to reach out to the forum with this issue. If anyone has previous experience or brief legal advice, please respond.

I, like many expats, rented a room as an unregistered tenant. There was no formal contractual agreement, only very informal verbal agreement. I paid on time and and in full every month. Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than expected and notified the landlord. We agreed to split the deposit equally 50/50, as my things remained in the room for 10 days of the month. Now she has rescinded on her agreement and is refusing to pay me anything.

Has anyone had a similar experience and succeeded in regaining your deposit? Please advise on your experience.

Also, as a last resort, I am contemplating filing a formal civil complaint of theft naming her directly in the complaint. And/or taking more drastic action and reporting her to the tax authorities as running an illegal rental business out of her home and not reporting the income to the proper tax authorities. I am hear the tax office is realling starting to crack down now on tax evasion.

If anyone has advice, please advise. Thank you.

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