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Help selling a second hand thing (Amsterdam)


Hello all.

I don't want to use this forum to sell something (even though, if you're interested, contact me ;).

I'm trying to sell a beautiful sofa and I've used everything the net provides: Marktplaats, Marktplatza, Speuders,,, and others.

The problem is that.

The sofa is almost as new. New costed 3.000 EUR, I've bought it for 2.700 EUR as a second hand and I'm trying to sell it for 2.000 EUR (negotiable), as is worth that price.

The best bid I've got is Protected content , that is ridiculous.

So, I was thinking to a "real" place, not just a website, but a colleague of mine told me that they are very cheap.

I should seel this sofa as soon as possible, as at the moment is in my old apartment that I must free by the end of the month: if I can't sell the sofa, I should move it to a friends that offered to store it for free (thanks god!).

There is someone here willing to give some tip? I'm quite desperate :)

By the way, the sofa is in Amersfoort and now I live in Utrecht.

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