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Interested in joining a private cooking circle? (Amsterdam)

The idea is simple: forming a group of 12 to 14 enthusiastic people who like cooking together.
We will meet monthly either on a Saturday or Sunday late afternoon at one of the members home with the intention to rotate every month. The host of the month will be responsible for choosing the menu and does the grocery shopping. The bill will be split between the people attending the dinner. This is much cheaper than attending cooking events at cook schools, it’s also a much better way to get to know new people as we will meet again and from experience I can tell you it’s usually great fun with memorable dinners as result. It will be quite unlikely that all member of the cooking circle will attend at once, we will probably end up with an average group of 4 to 7 people per event. So, no strings attached to the private cooking circle. However, if you decide to join you should be aware that you will be the host at least once a year (depending on how many people we will be), that it’s the idea of forming a group (so, not a onetime event) and you should be able to cook.
The first private cooking circle will meet at my place in Amsterdam Oud West on Sunday, 26th January. If you are interested in joining the cooking circle please get in touch with me: Protected content .
Looking forward to hearing from you, Ulrike

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