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Looking for a good soul to help (Amsterdam)

Hello dear people,

I just made a profile here so I am not sure if it is ok for me to post this :). This is my story; I am Croatian and we are in EU for 2 and a half years now, but there are still restrictions when it comes to working permits. I just finished my Master and will receive a working permit in a week or two, but the problem is with my partner who is trying for many months to find someone who is wiling to apply for a working permit in his name. The process is very simple. He is wiling to do anything and to work anywhere. He is starting his Master in September so he is looking for a job so he can stay here with me. We are really desperate and I just wanted to ask if maybe someone here knows what to do or has a job offer, or is willing to ask for a working permit for him. He is 27, he has a bachelor from Economics and Management, a DJ and a music producer, his passion is woodworking and he has experience in many different jobs. We would be very thankful if you have any advices.

Thank you in advance and have and I wish you a sunny weekend <3

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