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Looking for Graphic designer job in Amsterdam


Hi! I am Mirjana Petkovic, Graphic Designer and Engineer from Belgrade. I am looking for a job opportunity in Amsterdam. (English language, international company).

I have a valid work permit to work in the Netherlands. For two months of constant watch after the keyword, graphics, design, printing, prepress, dtp ... but do not get enough relevant ads, mostly searching the web, ux, App ... by! My question is if anyone has experience with the search work in this area / press, prepress, production organization? Which keywords to use, what are the best sites to search for jobs? I use Linkedin and This is my biography:

I have been working for more than 5 years on various graphic design and engineering projects using industry-standard tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Reader Pro and CoreDRAW. The projects involve preparation of digital content for printing methods, software assembly of printing sheets, book cover design, preparation of text for large-volume book editions printing. I was also focused on publishing activities for the entire layout and arrangement of books and their covers, both paper back and hard cover, worked on detailed preparation of the projects and end-to-end printing quality assurance.

Here are some (more formal) facts about my education and experience:
2012. Specialization: Vocational engineer of technology – specialist – College of professional studies Belgrade Polytechnics Academy,
University of Belgrade.
​Specialization: Graphic production, Organization of graphic production, Methods and techniques of testing graphic products,
Environmental protection in Graphic industry, Investments organization, Multimedia presentations.
Thesis project: Hardcover Elaboration and Testing Methods

Protected content . Graphic designer - College of professional studies Belgrade Polytechnics Academy, University of Belgrade
Specialization: Concept of professional graphic design, from conceptual designs, methods development, final solution adapting to technical and technological requirements, pre-press, printing to control the final appearance of graphic products.

Since January Protected content , I was employed in the printing house „Jovsic Printing Center“ ( Protected content ), where I was involved in the entire process of printing on a given project. As graphic designer I worked on pre-press, software printing process setup (in InDesign and similar tools) as well as preparation for tampon and textile printing.

From February Protected content March Protected content . I was employed in the Publishing association SPC as a graphic designer and engineer where I was working on design, layout/editing of the book, pre-press and controlling of printing material. Also I learned in this printing house how to make hardcover for the old style books.

I have a strong motivation to integrate into the new environment, learn language and acquire new knowledge.

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