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Looking for info on "Wednesday newspaper" flats (Amsterdam)

Hello all,

Background: My wife and I are considering a move to Amsterdam/Amstelveen pending a job offer for her. She is an EU citizen and I am USA citizen. We would need to move with only her salary at first and since it seems impossible for me to get a sponsorship while still in the USA, I would hope to get a job as an IT Project Manager (I have MBA, PMP certification and 7 years at IBM, 5 years at Humana, Inc if you are interested!).

Question: I have heard about some 'Wednesday paper supplements' that have apartments/flats for rent for much less than the agencies and without the fees. Since we would be renting with only wife's salary at first, this would be a huge consideration. The prices for many flats from the sites I've seen like Pararius and the like, are extremely high for people like us who are not getting sponsored by a home country company transfer to The Netherlands.

Does anyone have any information on how to view these 'Wednesday papers' on the web, or know if there might be a scanned version somewhere? Even the names of those papers would help.

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