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Looking for roommates to share a rental (Amsterdam)

Dear members,

Starting from the 1st of September my girlfriend and I need a new place to live. Since we would like to live within the ring road (A10) of Amsterdam in a decent quality place with enough room, we would like to rent something larger than a studio. However, with some reality agents demanding a 6k+ monthly income as a threshold to rent, I propose to team up with other apartment hunting people/couples to overcome that threshold and to share the rent.

I'm working as online sales trainee with Grumbl Media, an online marketing agency in the Zuidas. My girlfriend is currently an arts and culture journalists for an American website operating in Amsterdam, however she will be a student at the VU starting next semester. We are good people with two years of international experience as a couple and more before that as singles. I'm a Dutchie and she's American.

Are you interested in sharing an apartment in Amsterdam and its costs from the 1st of September onwards? Then let's meet & greet and sign up for something together.

My best, Robin

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