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Need Advice on Websites to lookfor Jobs in Finance (Amsterdam)

Hallo IN members of Nederland,

I would be very grateful if you will kindly recommend websites where I could search for jobs in Finance. Recommendation on headhunters would be highly appreciated as well.

My professional experience is banking in regulatory and risk management in senior level capacity. I graduated Masters in Finance at London Business School. My languages are fluent English and native Filipino.

I tried checking the De Nederlandsche Bank's website but it seem they are only hiring Dutch speakers as the career page is in Dutch without an english version. I also tried ABN Amro but it seem also only in Dutch for career pages. I have started browsing ING as well and so far see a limited number of openings. I will continue to see other international banks and any further recommendation in banking/advisory firms/roles will be highly appreciated.

I am open to consider job openings outside my field of expertise however, it seem the easier way to be considered for interview is to apply for similar field.

Looking forward to hear your helpful advise.

Warmest regards,

Natalie Niu

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