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Noisy neighbors (Amsterdam)


Hello Everybody,

How is your housing situation?

I live on one of the most beautiful canals in the “Jordaan”. It is an old business space designed in “Amsterdam School” style
the entrance is beautiful and often photographed by tourist.

I am lucky with this space, i work and live here for 6 years now.

I’ve created a little “health and wellness” sanctuary of silence, a true hidden treasure.

I live my life as an elderly ever since i was young. I like to go the bed early and wake up early as well. I do my sports, live healthy and i like things quiet.

But life seems to be challenging us and find us, especially where there’s resistance.

My upstairs neighbors have an opposite life and completely different then mine. They sleep in the daytime and are really active in the night.

Everybody should do whatever they please, but thou should take notice of other people and especially your neighbors here in Amsterdam, where walls are made of paper.

I’ve tried to have a normal talk of course and reason with her/them.

I even moved from the bedroom to sleep in the kitchen, yes you are reading this correctly! All because i tried to avoid trouble with her.

But it only got worse! It turned out that she has a terrace on my roof, above my kitchen. On a sink roof! The sounds were even louder and after i’ve asked her to please take notice of me and preferably not to go on the terrace in the evening, she got vicious and got up in the night. Protected content night!

It was a horrible time. Nobody helpt me and i was not heard. Not bij de Gemeente, the police, better neighbors or my landlord.I mean they felt all horrible for me, but forgot about me or said that it was a difficult situation. Even though her terrace was illegal.

I am still in the process to have that removed.

So this might not be a real encouraging story for newcomers.

I know a lot of Expats suffer from this problem and maybe even have neighbors that are rude to them. And tell them to go back to their country.

Besides all the challenges to face with coming to a new country, you are not waiting for this.

But i solved this problem by understanding what i did all the time and that is that i was trying to be a good doer..

I like to think that i am a spiritual person and to live in peace with other people. In situations like this i stay calm and send love to the other person, just like Buddha. : )

But i found out that people sort of sense your trying to be kind and you know the saying “they take kindness for weakness”? Or "who act as a lamb, will be eaten by the wolfs”. And will try to walk over you.

This has a consequence and In the end you are stuck with frustrations stuck in your mechanisme and they can cause you pain and illness on the long run.

I created high blood pressure and a frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, eczema, headaches and problems with my intestines.

This is not just from this incident but from long term destructive behaviour.

Since i’ve learned to work on my mechanisme instead of the problem, this doesn’t happen anymore. i use to help people only physically but now i know where it is coming from i can help them not only by relieving their physical pain, but also where it is coming from.

Now I am curious how it is in your situation, let me know by responding to it; I view and respond to all responses. "


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