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Part time business courses in English...? (Amsterdam)

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me - I am searching for information about business related education courses in English!

I have a bachelors degree of science from a UK university, but I have decided to change direction - I have been working in the horeca sector and I am now a junior manager. I have never studied anything business related and think it will help for my career, so I am looking for a business/economics/management course...

It needs to be part time so I can continue working, and it needs to be in English (my Dutch isn't THAT good!!), and I am willing to travel for it (but preferably in Amsterdam). If anyone has any ideas or tips, or can recommend and websites etc I would really appreciate it! I have looked at degrees with HvA and UvA etc but I was thinking of something like "adult classes" or "night school"...

Thanks in advance, Jodie.

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