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Refugees (Amsterdam)

My work as a Cultural Psychologist yesterday brought me in contact with the Refugees in Amsterdam. Protected content housed in two buildings close to the Bijlmermeer ArenA metro/train. However, they do not leave the building since most do not have access to transport. They also do not have Internet.

The majority come from Syria, with a small number from Ethiopia and Iraq. 40% are families and 60% men, the majority being between twenty and thirty. There are some olders men also. The education level is high. Many previously worked as doctors, lawyers or in business in their homeland. Now they have lost everything and had to flee to save their lives.

I inquired if there was anything they need that I might help provide. The men need clothing and, especially, shoes. (Sufficient provisions in clothing have been given for women and children). Imagining how long their days must be, I wondered what would healthy people do all day without internet? Games? Maybe people have chess boards or other board-games lying in their houses? Books in English, Russian or Arabic were an idea since they do not yet read Dutch. Perhaps handcraft materials could also help.

In the spirit of InterNations I ask we help these people. If you cannot bring donations yourself to the two Refugee centres in Bijlmermeer ArenA, then I can arrange pick-up points in the center of Amsterdam.

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