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Residence Permit- Canadian moving for Dutch BF (Amsterdam)

Hi all,

I'm looking into possibly moving to the Netherlands to be with my significant other. I'm Canadian. Looking into the option of getting a residence permit as an unmarried partner. I've read some contradictory/vague statements over a couple of sources, so I'm hoping for clarification. This is how I basically understood the process would go:
- I will not require an MVV, Civic Integration or TB test because of my nationality
- I can have him complete/submit the application via post while I reside in Canada. With the application there should be:
Protected content . Photocopy of his passport (all pages)
Protected content . Photocopy of my passport (all pages)
Protected content . Proof of his income
Protected content . Proof we are both unmarried (Translated and legalized)
Protected content . A signed declaration from him
- In order to prove that I'm unmarried, I can obtain a document either back home or at the Canadian consulate in the Netherlands
- Processing can take up to 90 days
- If everything is in order, they will notify him via mail that I have been approved
- At this point, I will come into the country and visit the regional IND desk without appointment in order to get my resident permit. I will then legally be able to work in the Netherlands. *note: I'm not restricted to being in the Netherlands during the application process, but am choosing to remain in Canada during this time to sort out some things.

Ok, so my questions....
- Am I at all correct in my above assumptions???
- Where do I find the paperwork for the resident permit? I can only find a form for the MVV
- Has anyone else done this and have some tips/tricks/recommendations/lessons learned that they're willing to share?

Your help is much appreciated!


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