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Running partner/new friends (Amsterdam)


I am hoping to make some new friends, while enjoying a passion of mine: running!

About me: I have been running for about 10 years, and have just broken into long distance running. I have just completed the Dam to Dam, and am currently training for the Amsterdam half-marathon. My pace is variable, as that is something I am still working on!

I am usually a solo runner, so I "get it" if you are reading this and squirming at the thought of sharing your time on the pavement with another. Though, consider this: Wouldn't it be nice to perhaps meet a new person, learn a new route in the city, work on your speed (both slow and fast), and/or find new challenges for yourself? It could be be just a one off- no long term commitments here folks!

If any of this sounds appealing, please inbox me- I would love to hear form you! We can always grab a drink after the run to celebrate our training!!



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