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Searching for participants Bachelor Thesis (Amsterdam)

Dear all,
First of all, I hope everyone is feeling healthy and safe during this difficult period of time due to Corona Virus.
My name is Mick van der Vossen and I am writing my thesis for the Bachelor’s in Human Geography and Urban planning at Utrecht University. For this thesis I examine work integration experiences of Indian expats in the workplace in the Netherlands, especially in the financial services industry, the banking sector.

My specific topic is: Which factors contribute mainly to a successful work integration of Skilled Indians in the financial banking sector in the Netherlands. I have become very interested in the arrival and the contribution of skilled Indians in the Netherlands. An increase in the number of skilled migrants in Dutch organizations makes the importance of a successful integration extremely important.
At the same time, I understand that skilled migrants have to deal with different cultural norms and values in the workplace than they were used to. That is why I think it is important to gain a better understanding and gain more knowledge about how skilled migrants can better integrate in the workplace within Dutch companies.

You will be interviewed about your personal experiences with the integration of skilled migrants in the workplace. By mapping the challenges and the successes that skilled migrants encounter in their integration process in the workplace in the Netherlands, it will give a broad view of further integration processes on the Dutch work floor.
Therefore I would like to get in touch with Skilled Indians that are currently working for Dutch companies in the financial banking sector (For example ING or ABN AMRO).

Please note that this interview is voluntary and that you can opt out at any time for any reason. Participation in this study is completely anonymous and will only be used for this study and all information will be treated confidentially. Due to Corona Virus, I would like to hold my interviews online (either Skype or Microsoft Teams).

If there are any questions/tips or suggestions, I would like to hear.

If you are interested to help me with my thesis, I will send you an email with a specific Project Information Sheet for my research.

Kind regards,
Mick van der Vossen
email: Protected content

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