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Student Internship Needed (Amsterdam)

Hello Community!
The thread is not actually concerned with me but rather with my partner who is urgently looking for an internship in Amsterdam. The internship has to start immediately (before the 8th September) and can last until 31. January Protected content . Besides, it has to be concerned with Business - whether Marketing, Sales, Administration, Human Resources, Customer Service, Communication, Events, Finance,... anything related to his studies being International Business and Management Studies is appreciated!

My partner - Marvin H. - is currently in his 3rd year of his studies at the International Business School in Venlo, NL. Being a very flexible, communicative and reliable person, Marvin might be the perfect candiate for loads of different opportunities. He is a dynamic and driven men and stands out through his can-do-attitude in relation to his organisational talent.

The reason why I am also looking for him is due to the fact that time seems to run as fast as never before. The university we are studying at has set a deadline for finding a suitable internship until the 8th september and as I already found mine in the great city of Amsterdam, he wants to follow me as soon as possible.

Sounds like a kinky love story - and maybe it is - but we really do not want to loose on that game and I would love to receive some replies with informations, tips or even offers from you! I*d highly appreciate every kind of fast replies and look forward to hear from you!

Best regards,

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