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Supply chain or administrative jobs in Amsterdam

Hi everyone, I've recently relocated here with my 11 yr old son and I'm looking for work in the supply chain area. I was living in Trinidad for the last eight years and spent six years with Unilever as a Demand Planner. I decided to come here for a new start and for my son to experience life in Europe as he was only 2 when we moved back to Trinidad from London. I've been here two months and I'm not having much luck with the recruitment agencies. I don't speak Dutch (understand some of it when it's spoken though), so I know this is a challenge. Does anyone have any pointers on how I go about getting a job here outside of the agency route? I'm living on savings and staying with family and being home all day is driving me nuts! I'm on the web daily doing job apps (all the usual expat sites), but so far nothing is panning out. Got a few calls but that's it. I can also do admin/PA roles and have prior experience in that field as well. I chose here over the UK, so this has to work out and my son loves it so don't want to up root him again. We just got here! Any pointers /leads would be greatly appreciated. :)

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