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Tax Deduction for Educational Expense (Amsterdam)

My company is offering a new product, Executive Education & Consulting. The idea is to take advantage of the tax ruling that allows you to deduct educational expenses up to 15,000 Euro. Why not take advantage of a sweet interdisciplinary upgrade? Invest in Yourself, instead of the Homeless!

Our main product is on-going support for your job. Among the services we offer: effectve memo-writing review, Speech Tactics seminar, and postural alignment sessions. Read a bit more at Protected content

The second product is a longer term training to become a Ceryified Executive Coaching Coordinator. Graduates will be assigned a Dojo client who wants to improve their executive abilities. This is a perfect part-time position that complements perfectly with a second degree or a sabbatical.

Both these service are tax-deductible in the Netherlands, up to 15,000 Euro per year

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