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Help about schools in Ankara

Hello everyone,
I arrived about a month in Ankara and I am having trouble finding a school for my daughter.
My 7 years old daughter used to go to a alternative school in Brazil (montessory/ light waldorf mixed system) where make learning an interesting duty and creativity was very important. Now she is going to a regular turkish school and has been a big disaster. She feels like doing nothing at school, " they sit all day, just copy and repeat over and over" she said, what is making her completely loose the interest in the school. Besides this, the kids are very ahead if we compare with her knowledge, as the teacher is not interested if the kids are really learning. If they are able to repeat is enough to go to the next topic, like if they are running againt the time.
So, somebody could indicate me what are the alternative options we may have in Ankara?
I heard about the international schools, but as I am not british, german or french, I guess we are not eligible.
Portuguese and spanish kids are sent to which school?
She is fluent in Portuguese, English and Turkish.
I appreciate any information about it, include related personal experiences.

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