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Live Karaoke and Song Recording for Everyone (Ankara)

Hey there, I am writing this post as a reference for those who are looking for ways to spend an extraordinary day in Ankara.

A couple of my friends are running a business which enables literally everyone to sing the songs s/he loves the most, and record those songs with her/his own voice if desired. As the owners say (and I witnessed), there is no need to be good at singing on a professional level; a good sense of music is sufficiently fine for them to have you in their studios for a singing session or real recording. They arrange a band for you from within the band they have partnership with. You do not need to worry about any arrangements as everything is taken care of by them, because it is such an exclusive service.

I know the owners quite well. They are trying to change their customer base. Because they are trying to lower the costs of advertising, they make use of social media. This is, probably, why they also invite at least one photographer to each singing/recording session so that the early customers (trendsetters, as they call) will love their pictures in the studio and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ASW, and InterNations.

If you feel like learning more about the company, I can put you in contact with them. Or, you can have a look at their website at Protected content (which, I believe is pretty long for a start-up)


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