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Looking for meaningful volunteer work (Ankara)

I will be in Ankara with a family residence permit for family matters this coming spring, and I am looking for skill-building and enriching volunteer opportunities between February and June.
My academic background (BA, start of a PhD at U Chicago) is in History and Chinese language, literature and social history. However, I have experience working with public schools, international schools, iNGOs, local NGOs and government organizations.
My professional interests and experience are in: good governance, education and rural development, rural-urban migrant issues, gender equity/women's rights, access to justice, and (minority/border area) language policy and language usage.
My particular skills are in research, data organization and analysis, writing and editing, project planning and implementation, innovative solution creation and project consulting, project accordance (ensuring local implementation meets head quarter standards), social media (strategy and content creation, including both writing and photography), and curriculum development. I also enjoy working with students (junior high through university) to create goals and a sustainable path of attainment.
As for languages: my native language is English, I am near-fluent in Chinese, and can speak and read basic Turkish. I can also read/write modified Arabic script as used in Uyghur, though doubt that would be of much use here...
I am not interested in 'volunteer' English teaching for schools that don't want to pay/can't find foreign teachers. If the position offered a stipend to cover transportation, etc..., that would be great.
If you know of a worthwhile organization that could use my skills and experience, and is looking for volunteers, please let me know!


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