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organıze a trıp antalya (Ankara)

Organize a trip to Diplomatic staff , Foreign,and Turkish People
Gamze Ozeren organization company has the honored to re organize A trip for our friends appreciation and respect for their desire to spend a happy time with a quiet atmosphere at Grand Park 5 * Hotel Kemer / Antalya for 3 nights in length from 18 th to 21 th May Protected content is expected to be an official / weekly holiday .
Detailed data: -
- Cost comprehensive transportation by private bus go and return .
- The cost of per person in a double room for 3 night / 4 days Protected content .
- The cost of a single room for 3 night /4 days Protected content ) .
- Ages from new born up to 6 years free accommodation in the hotel either child seat beneficiary bus transportation the cost($ 50)
- Add a bed in a double room for children over the age of 6 years the cost Protected content .
- all inclusive(breakfast-lunch,snack,dinner,midnight soap ,soft drink&alcohol from
mornıng untıl mıdnıght
Breakfast Protected content to 10:00 )
Late Breakfast Protected content to 10:30 )
Snack Time Protected content 00 to 17.00 )
Lunch Protected content to 14:00 )
Coffe Break Protected content to 18:00 )
Dinner Protected content to 21:00 )
Nıght Soap Protected content to 01:00 )
All day and nıght soft drınk and alcohol
- Last timing for booking requests received 20 th April Protected content after that time price change increase, according to the hotel system
Data required for booking:-
* Full Name,Age,the number of rooms required (double,single,the number of beds to be added if necessary)
*Self Phone number to contact .
* Embassy name.
The program planned for the trip :-
- Meetıng poınt at 23:40 pm in the waiting area for vehicles /Kızılay Mesrutıyet .
- Departure time at 23:55 pm .
- Arrival time to Afyon city at 4:30 am and break for 30 minutes.
- Departure time from Afyon city at 5.00 am.
-Arrival time to hotel at 8.00 pm
,1st day-
Mornıng arrıve to hotel havıng breakfast after setteled at rooms .
- All the day have fun and enjoy tıme .
- At nıght dancıng wıth ınternatıonal musıc at Aura Club ( ♫ ♪♪ Protected content ♫ ♪♪ )
2nd day
- Stayıng at Hotel to enjoy tıme all the day or cruıse
- At nıght dancıng wıth ınternatıonal musıc at Aura Club ( ♫ ♪♪ Protected content ♫ .
3 th day
- In the Hotel all the day have fun and enjoy tıme or has decıre to go outsıde of Hotel to see Olympus Tour.
- At nıght dancıng wıth ınternatıonal musıc at Aura Club ( ♫ ♪♪ Protected content
4 th day
Havıng breakfast and arrange all bags
12:00 havıng lunch after departure to Ankara
- Inclusıve prıces followıng
- Go back - transportatıon
- Stay at the Hotel
- All day ıncludıng everythıng.
- Seatıng Insurance.
- Healthy ınsurance through the way.
- Guıde.
The prıces dont ınclude the followıng
- Olympus Tour .
- Cruıse
Best Regards
Gamze Ozeren
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