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Spine Specialists and oncologists (Ankara)


I may be moving to Ankara, Turkey in May or June to be with my Turkish boyfriend. We are serious and talking about marriage. My biggest concerns about moving to Turkey are health related. I have chronic back problems (spondylosis caused by degenerative disc disease) and I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer this past September. I start radiation on Monday, I (thankfully) don't need chemotherapy, but will need hormone therapy (tamoxifen) for at least 5 years.
I'm looking for recommendations for both medical oncologists and spine specialists. I'm also wondering what sort of treatments Turkey does for back pain. Right now I take a low dose of Percocet as needed in between cortisone epidurals. I also do physical therapy exercises. I am under the impression that doctors in Turkey do not prescribe drugs like Percocet. How do they manage chronic pain without opiate pain killers? I don't have nerves involved, so drugs like gabapentin don't work for me.
Anyone who can help me with one or both of these medical concerns, please reply or pm me. Thank you so much.

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