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Living in Ankara

Ankara, similarly to its “big sister” Istanbul, has a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere: its intellectual charm is appealing many expats willing to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, but trying to avoid a gigantic and impersonal city. Find out more in our expat guide!

If you're looking to make a change and are considering a great new career, Ankara in Turkey might be the right destination for you. This stunning capital city has a wide range of opportunities for expats, as well as a vibrant and engaging culture for you and your family to discover. Turkey's key city since 1923, Ankara has a wealth of history to explore, and is a growing hub of technology and innovation.

Education in Ankara

One of the key factors for expats moving to a new city is the strength of the education system: if you have children, you'll want a school system you can rely on for them. When you live in Ankara, school is free for children between the ages of six and eighteen, with a choice of private and state facilities. International schools are available in Ankara for students: Oasis International School and Bilkent Laboratory & International School. The city is home to some of Turkey's top universities and technical colleges, including TED University, Ufuk University and the Turkish National Police Academy.

Culture and Leisure

Whatever you love to do in your free time, life in Ankara will always keep you busy. The city is home to over 50 museums and five national orchestras. Performances can be taken in nightly in Ankara's opera houses, and the Turkish State Opera and Ballet can also be found in the city. The nation's favorite sport is football, and you can take in a game when the Turkish Super League season starts. Volleyball and basketball are also very popular Turkish sports, so if you love to spend your weekends cheering on your local team, you won't be disappointed. Ankara's vibrant culture makes this the perfect destination for anyone looking to work abroad.

Healthcare in Ankara

Ankara has a multi-tiered healthcare system, with provisions for residents on social security and private healthcare services available. Many employers will provide health insurance to all workers, which covers not only you but your family as well. The city has dozens of healthcare facilities, with dedicated military, maternity and teaching units alongside general hospitals. The Medicana International Ankara Hospital or the Memorial Ankara Hostipal are probably the best place to attend for illness or injury. Many expats report great experiences with the Turkish healthcare system, and recommend it to those moving to Ankara. You and your loved ones will be well looked after if something should go wrong, and Ankara's doctors are among the best in the world.

Sylvain Grevert

"The InterNations expat community in Ankara is truly international: Next to fellow Austrians I've made good contacts and friends from all over the world."

Marielle Depois

"Fellow expats in Ankara helped us to find an English-speaking nanny for our 2-year old daughter. We are very happy with her!"

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