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Advice/Help needed regarding Renting in Belgium (Antwerp)

Hi Everyone!

I am not very familiar with the lease regulations here in Antwerp. I have been living in my apartment and on my 4th year now.

First year landlord asked me to sign a 1 year contract. 2nd year I almost moved out because or problems with landlord regarding outrageuos extra charges but in the end he asked if I wanted to stay and I said ok as I couldn't be bothered to go look for an apartment and move all over again at the time, he sent me an email asking me to sign a paper saying that I was going to stay (but it was not the same contract I signed on the 1st year). 3rd year he gave me another 1 year contract to sign. Now on my 4th year he did not give me anything to sign anymore.

My question is, am I allowed to just give notice now if I want to move and not incur any penalties? How many months notice do I have to give? Having babies soon so nee dot move to a bigger place :) Any help or advice would be most appreciated! Thank you so much in advance everyone!


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